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Willing to help

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Welcome to the official blog of the Association DeVision ! I am Miha and I will tell you why I decided to become a volunteer in this organization.

First, I think I have to say a few words about me. My father died when I was six years ago leaving my mother alone with me and my sister ... six years later my mother remarried, giving me two half sisters that I love more than anything the world! Living with my stepfather was not very happy. It was full of shortcomings, arguments, harsh words, facts and events that have degraded my life, my feelings and trust on people in general ...

I came to college in Bucharest and this was like a revival from my own suffering! I realized that I need  joy, pleasure, satisfaction in my life joy, I needed to do somethink with my life, to help people around me. So I wanted to become a volunteer in an association. Since the birth of my stepsister I love children! Only seing a child makes me smile. The same can be said about the old people in our country, poor people destroyed by a stupid system and most likely by their own ideals ... All I want is to do something constructive for these people, for people who are young now, for those who have been young and for those to come ...

I became a DeVision volunteer by chance. A friend posted a message on a Facebook group  that an association needs two volunteers. The second I found out I got in touch with that association and I became their volunteer.

Even if I work as a volunteer for one month only, I want to be part of everything that involves a better future for our country so stay tuned to see us as we grow , we as an association and those whom we help.

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