You can support us in fulfilling dreams through the projects we implement. You can do this by sponsorship (if you are a company), donation (if you are an individual) or using 2% provision(both companies or individuals).

We thank those who donated 2% of annual income tax DeVision Association this year. The next deadline for submission of forms is May 25, 2015 for the revenues in 2014.

What is and why you should use 2% provision ?

Provision 2% is a mechanism through which individual taxpayers may allocate up to 2 % of their income tax to a non-governmental organization ( association or foundation). You can contribute to better public funds and be one of those who contribute to a better life in your community ! By 31 December the tax office will centralize all information and then pay the amounts collected to the beneficiary organizations .

Here's how to redirect the 2% :

Step 1:

Complete data on your statement depending on the source of income:

Download Declaration 230 completed with our NGO„s data and fill it with your data ( points A and B). Do not worry if you do not know the proper amount of 2% of the tax. That will be calculated by the authorities. You can leave the box blank .
If you have income from other sources (rental and leasing, royalties etc.) download and complete statement 200. Please fill out all data carefully !

Step 2:

Fill in the form in two copies (one for the taxpayer, as shown on the website of the Agency for Fiscal Administration, and submit it directly to the Financial Administration which you belong to no later than 25 May 2015 or as a letter by post. You do not pay anything extra.

In the end if you want to donate more or do not have access to 2%, our data are:

Account Holder : Association DeVision
Account at ING Bank
Account number : RO60INGB0000999904220689
CIF : 30151412

Thanks for your support and good thoughts!


DeVelopment. DiScovery. DeTermination. DeBate. DeCency.



Who are we?
We are an organization that conceives, organizes, promotes and develop actions and projects about nonformal education, cultural and multicultural communication, information and communication campaigns, in Romania and other countries aimed at the continous development of young people and adults both professionally and personally.




The mission of our organization is to support, on one side, visually impaired kids and young people  from socially disadvanteged families, to facilitate them the access to nonformal educational activities and, on the other side, to help talented young people and children to develop their capacity to obtain performances in their domains.




We want to make the change in a real way starting from the grassroots. Because we believe that spring can be made with one flower if you take care to keep its seeds to cultivate it with confidence, passion and DeDication. We focus mainly on the development and impowerment of the future generations life of children and young people from Romania.




Co-operation, human dignity, nondiscrimination, solidarity, equal opportunities, tolerance, keeping the identity and the national traditions, combat exclusion and discrimination.


We want to thank all those who make nice gesture all year round, not just during the holidays. Thank you for helping us bring smiles on some wonderful children’s faces!

Do you want to be our volunteer? Get involved in our projects!

Are you interested in getting professional experience? You find yourself at the beginning and want to learn new things by engaging in volunteer activities? Or on the contrary you have experience and want to share your knowledge? Then we are waiting for you. Send us a motivation letter on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in which you can tell us why you want to be a volunteer and what kind of projects you would like to be part of together with your contact details (email, mobile phone) and we will get back to you. If you're not sure you want to be a volunteer but want to keep up with our news and projects, we invite you to join us on Facebook Fan Page , and if you did not give us a Like before, we invite you to do it. Here you'll find news, photos and comments about our activities .

Get involved !

Minds Eyes

Our first project, “Mind’s eyes”, it is also the project we are mostly attached of and it has helped us see the world around us in a different vision. If you don’t believe us, we propose to do a little exercise of imagination: let’s close our eyes for a few seconds and in that particular moment, when our eyes are closed, let’s think about an image that represents the thing we’ll most miss if we couldn’t see… More

All on board against face news


Proiectul “All on board against fake news” finanțat de Consiliul Europei prin Fundația Europeană de Tineret își propune să atragă atenția tinerilor cu privire la fenomenul fake news și să creeze un board game care să-i ajute pe liceeni și studenți să înțeleagă cum se propagă știrile false și ce pot face pentru a le identifica și a împiedica răspândirea lor. Mai mult

Live! Experience! Learn!

Brick by Brick is a personal and professional development project that aims to produce a change in the life of the young people and help them reach their real potential. More