Asociatia DeVision

Asociatia DeVision

DEzvoltare. DEscoperire. DEschidere. DEterminare.DEvenire. DEzbatere. DEcență.
DeVISION - Organizatie non-guvernamentala

Suntem un ONG DEosebit. Vrem sa producem schimbarea incepand de la firul ierbii, ne-am unit forțele pornind de la premisa că fiecare faptă bună nu rămâne nemultiplicată. Că putem să schimbăm atitudini și comportamente facilitând asocierea oamenilor pentru o idee sau într-o comunitate de valori.
Ne adresăm oamenilor de bun simț și tuturor celor cinci simțuri cu care sunt înzestrați. Chiar și celui de-al șaselea!

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Tuesday, 07 October 2014 17:57

Communicate your actions, PR your impact

Communicate your actions, PR your impact is a training financed by the EC through Erasmus+ programme.

It took place at Brasov during 19-28 September 2014 and gathered 27 young people from 6 countries. For 9 days the participants learned by non-formal methods how to better promote their NGO's in local communities.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014 10:27

Smiles in envelope - 2014 edition

The first edition of this action was a success. For the International Hapiness Day, our volunteers (Iulia, Mihaela and Stefan) shared Smiles in Envelopes in Cismigiu Park and Nord Station. 300 envelopes, 300 positive messages, 300 smiling people. :).

Smiley messages arrived in Constanta and Braila too.


Wednesday, 13 August 2014 10:26

All on board against fake news

Education is one of the most important interest domains of our organization. We believe that all your life you learn something. That's why we implemented a self help project, “Brick by Brick”, for young professional between October-November 2012.

What were our project's objectives:

Proiectul “All on board against fvake news” finanțat de Consiliul Europei prin Fundația Europeană de Tineret își propune să atragă atenția tinerilor cu privire la fenomenul fake news și să creeze un board game care să-i ajute pe liceeni și studenți să înțeleagă cum se propagă știrile false și ce pot face pentru a le identifica și a împiedica răspândirea lor. În cadrul proiectului, în perioada 10-13 octombrie 2019 Asociația DeVision a organizat la Bran o tabără tematică unde timp de 4 zile, 20 de tineri cu vârsta între 16 și 20 de ani din București, Câmpulung, Sibiu, Reșița și Târgoviște au participat la o serie de activități non-formale în urma cărora au creat structura unui board game care să fie folosit de ei în discuțiile pe care le au în școli, licee și universități, cu colegii lor, pe tema fake news.

Cei 20 de tineri acționează ca ambasadori ai proiectului și discuta cu tinerii de vârsta lor despre ce este o știe, cum se strâng informațiile, care e diferența dintre fapte și opinii, ce este aceea o știre falsă, care sunt elementele la care trebuie să te uite ca să identifice o știre falsă și să prevină răspândirea lor, la ce trebuie să fie atenți când consumă conținut de pe rețelele sociale.

  •         to emphasize the importance of personal development over the human being, from both, professionally and personally;
  •        to make a change into the professional life of the young ones, either they are at the beginning of the road or they have accumulated a little professional experience;
  •          to help the young ones to discover and develop their real potential because we believe that success in life is strong connected with development of personal abilities.

The results we achieved:

  •          6 workshops organized in the period of october-november 2012. Approached themes: public speaking, leadership, communication, personal branding.
  •          around 150 participants with ages between 18-35 years.
Wednesday, 13 August 2014 10:25

Campaign in braille for minibus

We are trying to raise funds to buy a minibus to bring the children to school as many of them abandon school as their parents don't have the means to take them to school.

This year we started 2% campaign with messages in braille.You can read the messages on the images in the gallery.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014 10:24

Cooking Workshop Petrom school volunteers

In MAy 2014, with help from some volunteers from Petrom, we managed to make a cooking workshop in school, with 10 children.

The goodies didn”t resist long after cooking ;).

Many thanks to our volunteers for patience and involvement!

This March we participated at the Mărţişor Fair organized at Petromcity.

The lovely mărţişoare (trinckets) were made by the children and by our colleague Alina.

We raised over  3000 lei and with this amount we managed to buy some necesarry equipments for the school.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014 10:23

Visit Heidi Choco World - December 2013

Our final action in 2013 and the sweetest one as it happened very close to Christmas.

The children from Visually Impaired School went to the Chocolate Factory where they discovered the secrets of a perfect chocolate. Meaning on each child's desire and taste. They learned the ingredients and each one of them made his/hers own chocolate.

We think the challange ws more for the Heidi personnel who had and managed perfectly to organise a workshop based more on tactile and smell sense than on the visual one.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014 10:22

Vlad Mirita Concert May 2012

One of our good friends and also a friend of the school, the tenor Vlad Miriţă came gladly to perform for the opening of an upright piano donated to the school.

Accompanied on the piano by pianist Alexander Burca, Vlad has enchanted the hearts of little ones.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014 10:21

Workshops music, theater and literature

Starting 2012 we organize music (piano & violin), theatre and literature workshops in the School for Visually Impaired Children. We have a powerful team made of our volunteers: Alexandru Burcă, Gabriel Stănescu, Iulia Burcă, Constantin Urziceanu, Catalina Dudinski și Mihai Ripan.

Monday, 07 April 2014 23:57

Willing to help

Welcome to the official blog of the Association DeVision ! I am Miha and I will tell you why I decided to become a volunteer in this organization.

First, I think I have to say a few words about me. My father died when I was six years ago leaving my mother alone with me and my sister ... six years later my mother remarried, giving me two half sisters that I love more than anything the world! Living with my stepfather was not very happy. It was full of shortcomings, arguments, harsh words, facts and events that have degraded my life, my feelings and trust on people in general ...

I came to college in Bucharest and this was like a revival from my own suffering! I realized that I need  joy, pleasure, satisfaction in my life joy, I needed to do somethink with my life, to help people around me. So I wanted to become a volunteer in an association. Since the birth of my stepsister I love children! Only seing a child makes me smile. The same can be said about the old people in our country, poor people destroyed by a stupid system and most likely by their own ideals ... All I want is to do something constructive for these people, for people who are young now, for those who have been young and for those to come ...

I became a DeVision volunteer by chance. A friend posted a message on a Facebook group  that an association needs two volunteers. The second I found out I got in touch with that association and I became their volunteer.

Even if I work as a volunteer for one month only, I want to be part of everything that involves a better future for our country so stay tuned to see us as we grow , we as an association and those whom we help.

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