It is wonderful how life brings along people who have much in common and share the same values and the trust that they can move mountains. So we meet each other - Claudia, Alina, Karina and Georgiana - four women under the umbrella DeVision who dream about a better world through incredible projects implemented ​​with soul and contributing to the greater good of others. About us you can read below and look forward to meet you. You can join as a volunteer team, because only together we can do great things. The more we are, the greater our projects will be.



Claudia Oprescu - DeVision President

I am a cheerful and optimistic person who likes to get involved in the community. I strongly believe in people and in each of us power to change anything. I am convinced that small changes produce big changes. I wanted to be part of Devision because I am sure we can do great things if we care about people and give some of our time to those who surround us. I hate hypocrisy and try not to judge people. I love to walk, love nature and I want to be involved in as many projects as non-formal education. My dream is to produce significant changes in the lives of people' who need help and when I will be old, after a lifetime of successful projects, to write books for children.


Karina Stăniloiu Mereuță - DeVision Vicepresident

I am a idealisto-realistic, pragmatic-dreamer, a serious funny and mature-childish person.  I am  complex and so is the NGO that I represent. But I like simple things, natural attitudes and good people. I am an avid traveler, I write poetry and short stories from time to time and I try to actively produce change. I am an entrepreneur and bring some of that spirit in DeVision because as in my view, an NGO should operate, in some respects, as a business enterprise: with soul and added value as profit - being it only spiritual - for those involved and with lot of creativity. I am a founding member DeVision and that says it all. I wish that this NGO is more than a legal entity. I see it as a community of values, people passionate about what they do and ideas for a change in society.


Alina Burcă - DeVision Vicepresident

2011 was a very “productive” year for me. I have begun my first volunteering project for visually impaired children from the “School for visually impaired children from Bucharest”, I’ve bound friendships there, and I’ve implemented wonderful people. Then I get married and I had a wedding story completely organized by me and my husband. After that it followed my co-optation into DeVision Organization by Claudia and it was one of the most beautiful question of the year 2011: “Do you want to be part of an organization that will be handling young and talented people, disadvantaged children, nonformal education?” (The one with “Will you marry me?” it has been put 2 years before). And later, as nothing is accidental when you work with impaired kids, I got pregnant and then Mara showed up, as the most beautiful gift of  2013. And now? Now I’m a mother, I’m part of DeVision, lyrical artist, event organizer, spouse, housewife, all in the same time. And, believe me, that’s not an easy thing to do. J I really believe, that, every step that we make in this world is important, that we don’t have to save the world in exchange of a smile on a child face or a relief in a mother’s heart, a strong emotion in a young and talented soul or the sense of usefulness in the life of a senior. I believe that small projects can bring huge benefits that measures not in monetary units, but, in spiritual impulses. It’s important to move, it’s important to act, each and one of us, by our own forces. That’s what I advise everyone who wants to help. So, help us God!


Georgiana Petcu - Executive Director

Until about ten years ago I was a shy person. I allowed only the close ones to know me in the way I really was, and between me and the others I had put a barrier that impedes them to see who I really was. My guessing is that, they didn’t even wanted to find out more about me. If I didn’t let myself discovered why would they make efforts to understand me? That was until I figured it out that change it cannot come from the others, it comes from me. I was the only one who was guilty of the circle in which I was spinning. It’s so easy to know beautiful people, to be involved in amazing projects and to do great things, only if you learn how to be an opened human being and confident in your own strengths. Life is beautiful if you know how to live it, to feel its pulse, to laugh, to feel good in your own skin, to learn to love yourself and the ones around you. And to do good! That’s when Claudia proposed me to be part of the organization, I have found myself in what was about to mean DeVision: an organization that contributes to the continuous development of young people and children, throughout projects of nonformal education and cultural and multicultural communication. “As long as he lives, the man learns!”, says an old Romanian proverb. So, let’s learn how to do  good and to feel amazing with ourselves and the others.